Gelbooru Image Viewer

Adds a fullscreen image view option when you click on images and various other neat features

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The script you will find here is completely functional in its current state, however I'll not be updating it here anymore, so if you are interested in future updates, please install from my Github

Experimental caching. Please give feedback if this breaks for you, i.e. high RAM usage, CPU usage skyrocketing etc.

From my tests on FF52(64bit) the way loaded images are cached is handled very well by the browser, unless you scroll thru a thousand cached images like a madman, in which case your RAM will belong to the browser ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Controls with keyboard:
 └ Press Tab to navigate to images then press Enter to bring up the image viewer in a post list
   └┬ Left Arrow: Previous image
    ├ Right Arrow / Spacebar: Next image
    ├ Up Arrow: Open the current image's post view webpage
    └ Down arrow: Close the viewer

Controls with mouse:
 └ Click on images to bring up the image viewer in a post list
   └┬ Click again to close the viewer
    ├ Mousewheel Press: Open menu, fades out after a second
    │ └┬ Open in Current Tab
    │  └ Open in New Tab
    ├ Mousewheel Up: Previous image
    └ Mousewheel Down: Next Image

Slideshow controls:
 ├ Hover over the play button in the bottom right corner to bring up the options
 │ └┬ Loop: Play continuously
 │  ├ Shuffle: Next image is random (Loop is assumed to be checked in)
 │  └ Interval: Seconds to wait after an image loaded
 └ Click on the play button to start the slideshow
   ├ Click on the image to stop the slideshow
   ├ Click on the pause button to pause the slideshow
   └ Press Enter during a running slideshow to pause it

Userscript menu option:
 └ Current Image mode
   └┬ Sample only: load the sample image of higher resolution ones if available
    └ Always original size: ignore samples

Compatible and designed to work with Gelbooru Endless Scroll