Better Danbooru Artist Search

Improve URL handling within the Danbooru artist search engine and automatically navigate to unambiguous wiki page.

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Better Danbooru Artist Search

Make the Danbooru artist search more convenient by automatically fixing URLs and navigating to the artist's wiki page.

Recommended to be used in conjunction with the Danbooru artist search engine in the Chrome omnibox or the like.

Note: to add the search engine, copy the link above, right-click the omnibox, click Edit search engines..., scroll to the bottom of the prompt, enter a name for it, enter a trigger, paste the link into the rightmost box and click Finished.

With the search engine and this script, you can easily find the artist's tag on Danbooru by simply navigating to the omnibox/search bar, typing the trigger before the URL and hitting Enter.


  • Prepend the missing http:// protocol (thanks to browsers being "user-friendly") to URL searches
  • Convert the new Pixiv URL form (which has since been deprecated) to the legacy form
  • Convert image URLs from Tumblr, Twitter and DeviantArt to the artist page URL, since they are more likely to return results
  • Convert mobile Twitter and Nico Seiga URLs for the same above reason
  • Converts Pixiv "Artist's Works" pages to their profile pages for the same reason
  • Optionally add wildcards to the search if there were no results. (Note: this feature is disabled by default; to enable, change the variable is_desperate to true in the script. I've yet to make this easily accessible, since I don't need the feature. If you like, please file a request and I'll implement a user-friendly option.)