Imagehost Redirect

Redirects Imagehost Pages to the hosted Image

Redirects Imagehost Pages to the hosted Image for a lot of crap imagehosts. I just want to see the image, not a crappy image host. The script only redirects for single image pages, not albums of any sort.

Heres an idea of what this script does:

Crappy Image Hosts Redirected (54):,,,, *,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, *,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Additional Sites Turned off by default (edit the script to turn them on):,,,

Technical Stuffs:

  • Highly recommend NoScript to work in conjunction with this script. Dis-abling javascript on sites you want to avoid is a good idea, to stop them doing anything else annoying.
  • This script runs at document end, so the page loads before its redirected to the image.
  • Made in Firefox. (pls work fine in chrome. pls. thanks google.)
  • Also redirects banner links, because why not

Use if you need a good imagehost.
Thanks to doge for contributing.
Thanks to vzjrz for suggestion.

Version History:

Version 6 - 27 April 2015
- Fixed adfly /banner/ links (I think...I hope)
- Fixed Broken Imagehosts:,,,,
- Removed Dead Imagehosts:,,,,,,,,,,
- Added New Imagehosts:,,,,,,,,,,,
Version 5 - 23 September 2014
- New Imagehosts:,,,,
- New Imagehosts (contributed by doge):,,,,,,,,,,,
- New Site (contributed by doge):
Version 4 - 19 July 2014
- Added auto-update functionality
- Script now has an icon (visible in firefox user script list)
- New Imagehosts:,,,,,,,,
Version 3 - 20 June 2014
- fixed "@run-at document-ends" bug
Version 2 - 19 June 2014
- rewrote to a higher standard for publishing
- published
Version 1 - ??/??/??
- initial version