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A simple quick and dirty image viewer various imageboard sites

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ImageBoard Viewer/Downloader

I mean it just adds like a simple image display so you dont have to click on individual links and all that garbo. should work fairly well. let me know. Has a basic image preload thing in it that should preload the images ahead of the current one to speed up the loading. Left and right arrow keys will change image. Down arrow key downloads current image. I wonder how many people will find this or get use out of it.

Feel free to contact me and give feedback or suggestions or tell me if something is wrong. Supported Sites: - full - full Danbooru.donmai - full - images/no tags(yet) - images/no tags

v1.46 -Support for

v1.455 -Fix to sankaku thats should be more robust and hopefully more permanent

v1.451 -Tiny fix for sankaku that i broke last time oops

v1.45 -Some fixes for the new gelbooru layout

v1.41 -Minor improvements to sankaku loading

v1.4 -Minor refactoring -Basic Sankaku complex support (dont browse too quickly or it will be slowwwww)

v1.36 -hotfix bug fixes

v1.35 -Even more refactoring and bug fixes -Danbooru support

v1.31 -More refactoring and bug fixes

v1.3 -Major refactoring and some tag bugs fixed

v1.25 -Fixed a few tag bugs and made the image viewer more stable

v1.2 -Moved to github

v1.15 -Added a lot more code to make API calls to get tag info for each post at the loading of the page. So now when you look at an image, the tags on the left in the tag bar thing should match the image youre looking at and be fully functional -Click and drag the image to change the size.