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I am the guy who mainly wrote this script. You could have contacted me.

Because, I am still maintaining this script.

The current proper version is here :
Posted: 2021-04-03
Thank you for your helpful userscript! Really VERY USEFUL to read coherently.
It would be great if the filename would be completed with the (current) rating, maybe even with the category.
for example instead of
"storyname - username - storydescription.html"
as follows
"storyname - username - storydescription (4.67) Lesbian Sex.html"

In the script, you could mark that as optional code so that users could turn that ON or OFF.
For me, this only needs to be added to stories that consist of one part.

I already tried to program it myself in JavaScript, but I don't have as much knowledge as you and I failed.

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