Danbooru - Miscellaneous Tweaks

Adds a variety of useful tweaks to Danbooru

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All tweaks are disabled by default.

Settings for this script are changed by clicking the "Tweaks" link at the right end of the navbar on most pages. They persist across updates but reset for individual tweaks if their argument types change.

  1. Add Tag Subscription: Adds pseudo tag subscriptions to your profile that refresh periodically.
  2. Arrow Key Navigation: Enables navigation to previous/next pages using the left/right keys.
  3. Blacklist: Blacklist implementation that replaces images (full and thumbnail) with links labeled with the tags they matched in the blacklist. Clicking the link/image alternates between the two. Translation notes appear every other time the image is displayed.
  4. Change +/- Links: Adds +/- tag links when the taglist doesn't have them and can also make them add/remove tags from search box instead of launching new searches.
  5. Comment Listing Filter: Hides posts and comments in the comment listing for posts with any of the specified tags. Click the replacement text/bar to reveal.
  6. Custom Taglist: Adds a new taglist section below tag lists, complete with +/- links. Tag types are supported.
  7. DText Replace: Replaces text in DText-enabled textareas and the names of all links with DText or DText-like shorthand forms. Requires experience with regexes to customize.
  8. Hide User Statistics: Hides specific statistics from profile pages depending on if it's your profile or not.
  9. Navbar Links: Adds links to the left side of the navbar and removes links from the navbar and subnavbar.
  10. Navbar Tag Search: Adds/moves the post search box to the navbar or subnavbar.
  11. Post Queue Tweaks: (Only visible to post approvers.) Automatically up/down vote depending on approval/disapproval, expand thumbnails in-place on click or keypress, and disapprove or highlight posts containing specific tags.
  12. Precision Time: Swaps all timestamps back to the old "X units ago" form, to a custom precision
  13. Score Comments: Displays comments' scores next to the vote links if the scores fall within the specified range.
  14. Score Thumbnails: Displays scores and favorite counts below thumbnails.

  • Fixed Post Queue Tweaks for new layout
  • Fixed Post Queue Tweaks auto disapproval
  • Fixed Tag Subscriptions not triggering
  • Fixed Post Queue Tweaks not triggering
  • Fixed various tweaks broken by recent site updates
  • Removed Upload Tweaks
  • Post Queue Tweaks: Added "auto-reject" tag list
  • Fixed some thumbnails not displaying for Tag Subscriptions
  • Fixed navbar/subnavbar modifications
  • Fixed Score Thumbnails not detecting posts hidden by Blacklist
  • Fixed placement of Score Thumbnail scores
  • Fixed Blacklist links
  • Post Queue Tweaks: Made swapKey case-insensitive
  • Post Queue Tweaks: Fixed disapproval-voting
  • Blacklist/Score Comments: Fixed handling of SVG elements
  • Added "Post Queue Tweaks" (only visible to post approvers)
  • Added "Upload Tweaks"
  • "Add Tag Subscription": Force update if queries change, hide the "This feature has been disabled" message
  • Fixed Add Tag Subscriptions rejecting "subscriptions" with more queries than the total number of subscriptions
  • Fixed "Score Comments" displaying scores multiple times for each comment
  • Fixed Comment Listing Filter listing the same hidden tag multiple times
  • Removed Filter parameter from Tag Subscriptions
  • Removed Source Stat Links
  • Replaced broken "Export" settings button with a simple textarea of the raw settings
  • Fixed the Tag Subscription expand links displaying as "?" depending on the script's encoding.
  • Added Comment Listing Filter: Hides posts and comments in the comment listing for posts with any of the specified tags. Click the replacement text to reveal.
  • Added cap on recursion in JSON parser to protect against infinite loops.
  • Changed how the settings textareas grow on input.
  • Fixed minor bug in "Source Stat Links" triggered when a user changes a non-link source to link and refreshes the page without actually submitting the change
  • Fixed Score Comments when not logged in
  • Removed update checker