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Review: Good - script works

Posted: 2024-02-10

Hi, I just saw that it is possible to make combination rules, but it is possible to do something like:
(male:feminization | male:crossdressing) & (male:muscle| male:facial hair)

Which would be the same as these 4 rules:
male:feminization & male:muscle
male:feminization & male:facial hair
male:crossdressing & male:muscle
male:crossdressing & male:facial hair

Or I can only use one "&" or "|" per line?

Posted: 2024-02-11

I couldn't find a way to edit the first question, but I had another one, if that's ok =D
It seems that "female:strap-on" isn't working neither in Favorite or Disliked tags. I tryied all variations:
female:strap on
female:"strap on"
But with no luck.
I'd assume that the "-" is causing some issue.
(Thank you again for the awesome addon!)

Posted: 2024-02-11
  1. Only & and | can be used.
  2. The - is indeed the issue, I had assumed that the site would follow the usual standards and not touch it, but it is encoding it for some reason. Lookout for an update in a bit.

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