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Various search filters and user experience enhancers

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*** Incompatible with GreaseMonkey v4 ***

A comprehensive script to simplify search and also manipulate the UI. A simplistic UI is also included, toggled by a button on the top networks bar. All filters are optional and can be disabled as needed.

What's New in v1.11

  • Added UI control for always show UI function
  • Added UI range control for duration, rating and views
  • Added UI stat for low res videos
  • Premium video blocker
  • Private video blocker
  • UI reorganization

Note: Version requires store rebuild, may even require manual purging of ah-sui-* or ph-sui-* local storage keys.

Video Filtering

  • Hide Videos Containing Blacklisted Words
    Sick of piss drinking or plain old bdsm while generally browsing? Add the detested words to never see videos named with them again!

  • Hide SD Videos
    Especially on video pages where there is no option to hide them.

  • Hide Paid/Premium/Private Videos
    Hide videos that require befriending the uploader or spending money.

  • Hide Unrated/Paid Videos
    Hide videos with no rating visible or they are paid.

  • Hide Watched Videos
    Hide marked watched videos.

  • Minimum/Maximum Rating
    Defaults to minimum 80%.

  • Minimum/Maximum Duration
    Defaults to minimum 120 seconds.

  • Minimum/Maximum Views
    Disabled by default.

  • Name Sanitization (Needs to be configured within the script)
    Replaces words in video names with user defined substitutes. I simply hate the new step- revolution!

UI Manipulations

  • Fix Counter Height
    Due to usage of ad and content blockers, the counter height can become an eyesore.

  • Remove All iFrames
    My adblocker and uMatrix simply can't remove some of them so here is a small tweak to send them to kingdom come. This will also block google recaptcha, you will have to disable the plugin to make it show.

  • Remove Live Model Streams
    Removes the live model stream blocks wherever they may be displayed.

  • Remove Porn Stars Listing (sidebar)
    I detest them all.

Thanks to CumFan@reddit for nudging me to update the script and providing code assistance for premium/private video blocker.

Feedback welcome!