nHentai Helper

Download nHentai manga as compression file easily, and add some useful features. Also support some mirror sites.

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nHentai Helper


Support Tampermonkey and Violentmonkey. Not and will not support Greasemonkey.


Via Greasy Fork (login required due to adult content)

Via Github Pages

Main features

  • You can download manga as zip (or cbz). You must keep the page in the foreground when downloading.
  • You will be warned when you are going to download an already downloaded manga.
  • For manga list page:
    • Add pjax support. Changing pages will not interrupt downloads.
    • Download queue support.
    • The caption of downloaded manga will be marked with grey color.





  • Download thread
    If you think the download speed is too slow, you can try to increase the number of download threads from this setting.
  • Open on new tab
    Gallery page will be open on a new window by default, turn off it if you don't like it.
  • Compression filename
    Default is {{japanese}}.zip. You can custom the naming of downloaded compression file, including the file extension, such as {{english}}.cbz.
    Available placeholders:
    • {{english}} - English name of manga
    • {{japanese}} - Japanese name of manga
    • {{pretty}} - English simple title of manga
    • {{id}} - Gallery ID
    • {{pages}} - Number of pages
    • {{artist}} - Artist tags of manga
    • Maximum number: The default is 3, exceeding will become "various". Can be modify in settings. 0 means infinity.
    • Separator: The default is ,. Can be modify in settings.
  • Compression level
    Accept a numer in 0-9, default is 0.
    0 means "no compression", 1 means "best speed", 9 means "best compression".
    Actually, for manga, compression output size of 0 and 9 usually differ by less than 1%.
  • Filename length
    Zeros will be padded to the start of image filename when its length lower than the value you specified. This can avoid the sorting confusion caused by sorting only by string in some cases.
  • Auto cancel downloaded manga
    When you are going to download an already downloaded manga, it will be canceled automatically instead of pop-up a confirmation box.
  • Auto retry when error occurs
    Automatically retry when an error occurs, instead of pop-up a confirmation box.
  • Auto show all
    Help you to click the "Show all" button on manga detail page automatically.
  • Show ignore button
    Show an button that allow you to mark or unmark the manga as downloaded.
  • Judge downloaded manga by title
    You can specify the title used to judge whether the manga has been downloaded. If nothing selected, the script will never warn you when a manga has been downloaded.
    Note that pretty is not available in most mirror sites.

Advance Settings

  • Custom download URL
    WARNING: Please don't set this if you don't know what it does.
    Tip: You may need to add your domain into XHR security for this script.
    Provide a URL containing the following placeholder:
    • {{mid}} - Media ID
    • {{index}} - Page index, starting from 1
    • {{ext}} - Image file extension
  • Compression "streamFiles"
    Enable this option will use less memory but some program might not support the generated zip file.
    See here for more information.
  • Series mode
    Enable this option will make downloading and compression become series tasks but not parallel to reduce memory usage.
    If RangeError: Array buffer allocation failed occurs frequently, you can try to enable it.
  • Stream download
    Use StreamSaver.js to download zip stream to reduce memory usage.
    But this not work on Safari and Firefox, and the download process is extremely slow. So not recommended unless you really have memory usage issues.
  • Prevent console clearing
    Only available on nHentai official site. It is useful when you need to submit console log for debugging.

Other features

nHentai mirror sites support

This script also support some nHentai mirror sites such as NyaHentai. See the script's @match and @include.

If the script does not run on some domains, you can add them to User matches, find the correct image URL and set Custom Download URL.

Language filter

You can select a language in the navigation bar to filter mangas.


100% view height

Effective when reading online, only for mirror sites (now nHentai official site already has this feature).


Recommended scripts

  • Super-preloader
    Let you have unlimited drop-down page turning experience in the manga list page.