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Posted: 2021-05-04
Edited: 2021-05-04
Hi Brazenvoid. I use your script for Pornhub and it works great. I recently installed this script for Xhamster and also the one for Spankbang and I can't get either of them to work. Basically the problem is that I can't see the scripts UI or settings menu, so I can't configure anything. On Pornhub it's a thin line on the left edge of the screen and it shows perfect. But neither on Xhamster nor on Spankbang do I manage to see the scripts menu. And I also don't notice that the scripts are affecting anything in terms of the videos the pages show me (I'm still seeing SD videos, etc.). I'm on a PC, with Chrome browser and Tampermonkey 4.12. Any idea why this might be happening? Thanks so much for the great work you do with these scripts.
Posted: 2021-05-05

It is the same for those sites as well.

red line for spankbang. grey line for xhamster.

You can give me a screenshot of the developer console (F12 and then click on console tab)

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