PornHub Plus

A kinder PornHub. Because you're worth it.

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The following options are available via a discrete, PornHub-themed sidebar that expands on hover at the bottom right of the site once installed.

  • Automatic cinema mode
  • Verified model/couple videos only
  • Unwatched videos only
  • HD videos only
  • Filter videos by duration
  • When visiting user profiles or channels, automatically jump to their uploads page
  • Hide playlist bar

Some improvements are done behind the scenes:

  • Some elements of the site are automatically hidden for being either useless or annoying
  • Premium video removed from related videos sidebar
  • Filters also apply to videos loaded dynamically, like when we "load more" relevant videos
  • Video page "Add to" shows all your playlists right away, no need to scroll through a small box, and hovering over it no longer breaks page scrolling
  • Thumbnail "Add to" shows more playlists with less scrolling

Disclaimer: The features of the Plus-scripts are developed for my own use. They add a few personal conveniences and remove some of my annoyances, all of which may offer little value to others. So feel free to fork them and make them more in line with your own use cases.

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