E-H Visited, combined with ExVisited, and then better.

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EhxVisited: Slowly Becoming A Comprehensive Script


Originally posted to 8ch by Smoer. Updated and uploaded as ExVisited. Then further updated by HEN-TIE and myself with E-H Visited for the March 2019 layout redesign. I've since entirely reformatted the script to use a different storage method that incorporates fixes to existing problems, and allows for the functionality lost from ExVisited.


  • Timestamps for each view mode
  • Highlight viewed galleries
    • Hide all viewed galleries, separate from hidden galleries
  • Hide any and all galleries, no tagging required
    • Easily add or remove hidden galleries
  • Track downloaded galleries
  • Custom CSS injection for both viewed galleries, hidden galleries, and downloaded galleries
  • Works with infinite scroll type scripts, like this one
  • Works on e-hentai and exhentai
    • IndexedDB prevents cross domain interaction however
  • Auto-filter galleries
    • Via custom regex listings, page limit, minimum rating, and uploader
    • By meta data tags
    • Each filter is mutually exclusive
  • Easily import existing data from E-H Visited or ExVisited
  • Display full gallery titles in Thumbnail mode
  • Display a tag preview for galleries
  • Automatically backup gallery data to disk


  • Requires IndexedDB, check here for compatibility
  • Data is cleared when clearing browsing data, specifically "Cookies and Other Site Settings". Make a backup before doing that.
  • Custom CSS that's used can be found at the bottom of the script
  • Because IndexedDB is domain locked via CORS, manual porting between E-H and Ex is required to mirror visited and manually hidden galleries.
  • However, it is possible to port the IndexedDB data to the localStorage of another domain, and then read it back from there.


  • Mainly just implement stuff I've already coded in one script or another
  • Maybe some cosmetic changes across the board
  • Add class selectors for individual buttons to facilitate easier style script changes
  • Improved hidden gallery settings
  • Probably just an overall settings menu in localStorage
  • Perhaps a filter option for auto-hiding galleries
  • Minimum Rating Limit Filter
  • Breakdown of hidden galleries on mouseover
  • Allow import and export of hidden entries
  • Create custom CSS rules for individual filter forms
  • Write the data port for sharing domains and figure out how that'll work
  • Auto-generate backup files
  • A refactor sounds daunting
  • Learn to code not like dog shit

If you'd like to, please leave feedback, whether that be problems, questions, or requests. I am a bit burnt out on this script currently, so I'll try to respond to any feedback in a timely manner.


Minimal/Minimal+ View, Hidden Galleries Hidden By Default

Minimal/Minimal+ View, Hidden Galleries Visible

Minimal/Minimal+ View, Hidden Galleries Visible, Viewed Galleries Hidden

Compact View, Hidden And Viewed Galleries Visible

Extended View

Thumbnail View

Settings Menu

Soft Hiding Galleries

Minimal Show Text

Replace Published Date

CSS Tooltips

Show Full Title

Tag Preview