E-H Visited, combined with ExVisited, and then better.

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EhxVisited: I Fixed Everything But Should Probably Use A Better Name


Originally posted to 8ch by Smoer. Updated and uploaded as ExVisited. Then further updated by HEN-TIE and myself with E-H Visited for the March 2019 layout redesign. I've since entirely reformatted the script to use a different storage method that incorporates fixes to existing problems, and allows for the functionality lost from ExVisited.


  • Timestamps for each view mode
  • Highlight viewed galleries
    • Hide all viewed galleries, separate from hidden galleries
  • Hide any and all galleries, no tagging required
    • Easily add or remove hidden galleries
  • Custom CSS injection for both viewed galleries, and hidden galleries
  • Works with infinite scroll type scripts, like this one
  • Works on e-hentai and exhentai with no need for individual data stores
  • Auto-filter galleries
    • Via custom regex listings, page limit, and minimum rating
    • Each filter is mutually exclusive
  • Easily import existing data from E-H Visited or ExVisited


  • Requires IndexedDB, check here for compatibility
  • Data is not cleared when clearing browsing data
  • Custom CSS that's used can be found at the bottom of the script


  • Mainly just implement stuff I've already coded in one script or another
  • Maybe some cosmetic changes across the board
  • Add class selectors for individual buttons to facilitate easier style script changes
  • Improved hidden gallery settings
  • Probably just an overall settings menu in localStorage
  • Perhaps a filter option for auto-hiding galleries
  • Minimum Rating Limit Filter
  • Breakdown of hidden galleries on mouseover
  • Fix a minor bug with the displayed amount of galleries hidden
  • A refactor sounds daunting
  • Learn to code not like dog shit
If you'd like to, please leave feedback, whether that be problems, questions, or requests. I am a bit burnt out on this script currently, so I'll try to respond to any feedback in a timely manner.


Minimal/Minimal+ View, Hidden Galleries Hidden By Default

Minimal/Minimal+ View, Hidden Galleries Visible

Minimal/Minimal+ View, Hidden Galleries Visible, Viewed Galleries Hidden

Compact View, Hidden And Viewed Galleries Visible

Extended View

Thumbnail View

Settings Menu

Soft Hiding Galleries

Minimal Show Text

Replace Published Date

CSS Tooltips