Iwara UI Fix

An alternate style for 天音's Iwara 1-Click Filter script, also works as a standalone

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Iwara UI Fix by Nothson : https://iwara.tv/users/Nothson ---

Mainly for scratching the Iwara's UI/UX itches I have.

25 Mar 2020

  • Changed external player flair detection (thanks once again, Erono!)
  • Now, the accept/reject all friend requests button should actually work. I just lacked test subjects back then.

10 Mar 2020

  • On hover, 1-Click Filter's thumbnail background colors are now cleared to white
  • Fixed page number spacing and responsive scaling in forums and forum posts
  • Updated 1-Click Filter style conflict detection

8 Mar 2020

  • Improved page number styles
  • Added accept/reject all friend requests in friends page (with confirmation dialog)
    • The buttons only appear if there are more than 1 pending request in the page

4 Mar 2020

  • In the cards (video/image page or sidebar), improved view count and likes formatting (k and M prefix, decimals)

3 Mar 2020

  • Changed the approach to replace the blank images, there were some corner cases that make errors
  • Added profile picture border for special roles (profile page only) + unique animated border for my own
  • Added script version number at the bottom of the page

2 Mar 2020

  • Now, this script has conflicts with Iwara 1-Click Filter version 1.6 and newer
    • See the note at the bottom of any Iwara page for the workaround

1 Mar 2020

  • Added like percentage
  • Polaroid print style for video/image cards
  • Repositioned the card stats & icons
  • Added flairs, shown on the right of the card stats
    • Fire Icon: % like reaches the threshold (based on view count) + 200 views or more
    • Star Icon: % like reaches the threshold + 20k views or more
    • Lock Icon: Private video
    • Grid Icon: Multiple images
    • Screen Icon: External player (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)
  • Card transitions on hover + extra transitions for some flairs
  • Added block backgrounds on many regions + made paddings and margins consistent
  • Fixed video player seek head
  • Changed forum post timestamp text color
  • Fixed user profile background, user lists (following/followers), and layout
  • Perhaps a few more things I did but couldn't remember, idk

Expected to run after Erono's Iwara 1-Click Filter Script: https://greasyfork.org/scripts/393957 However, this script works as a standalone UI fix as well Tested on the latest version of Firefox & Chrome, plus responsive