EH Plus

Gallery index/search: Improves appearance/layout, parses and cleans up titles. Can hide/fade galleries by tag (requires flagging perk). Can resort gallery thumbs which is useful when hiding. Gallery view: Can adjust thumb sizes to make neat rows (requires large thumb perk). General: Option for grey color scheme by rewriting css (might have a few issues). Settings panel pops out on the left on mouseover on pages where it works.

These are versions of this script where the code was updated. Show all versions.

  • v2015.2.1 2015-02-01 small speedup for search pages
  • v2015.1.28 2015-01-29 speedup adding tags to page, visiteddb also set link style as visited (grey)
  • v2015.1.16 2015-01-18 refactored visited database to improve performance (use Migrate old DB link above apply button to bring in the old visited data)
  • v2014.8.19 2014-08-20 fixing chrome
  • v2014.8.18 2014-08-19 unbreak chrome (maybe)
  • v2014.8.17 2014-08-18 added show stars, rawtitle custom title
  • v2014.8.16 2014-08-17
  • v2014.8.11.2 2014-08-11 fix direct link for low power tags
  • v2014.8.11 2014-08-11 minor fix for gallery tag css in minimal
  • v2014.8.10 2014-08-09 css fixes for 0.303
  • v2014.8.9 2014-08-09