EH Plus

Gallery index/search: Improves appearance/layout, parses and cleans up titles. Can hide/fade galleries by tag (requires flagging perk). Can resort gallery thumbs which is useful when hiding. Gallery view: Can adjust thumb sizes to make neat rows (requires large thumb perk). General: Option for grey color scheme by rewriting css (might have a few issues). Settings panel pops out on the left on mouseover on pages where it works.

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EH Plus - Enhances e-hentai look and function.

A minimalist design with with customizable filtering, sorting, and hilighting.

Key features:
-minimalist reskin of index and gallery views
-parses gallery titles for easier readability
-resorts gallery views and can group similar titles together
-hiding/fading/sorting based on tags
-compacts empty space in galleries by resizing thumbnails

Use: To change settings, mouse over the box on the left edge. When within a gallery clicking on the thumbnail downloads the archive.

-Another speed up - remove no longer needed tagdb. 100ms boost for me, should be bigger gains with more visible tags.

-Speed up code to add tags into page. For me this is a 100ms boost about [850ms -> 750ms] on a 200 gal page. Gains should be bigger with more visible tags.
-Visited galleries in db also set visited style for links.

-Refactored visited DB to improve performance
(use Migrate old DB link above apply button in panel on left to bring in the old visited data)
-Some minor gallery sorting adjustments

-Chrome should work again.

-First attempt at unbreaking chrome. (fixed uneval/eval not working, minor css issues)

-Option to footer on gallery tiles (category dot, filecoujnt, stars, torrent link)
-Fixed height bug when using top hilight
-Added custom title 'rawtitle' which is everything in the title. (you probably dont want to use this)

-Added an option to fade/hide visited galleries from the index.
It can be toggled in the settings and also by clicking the 'Seen' box at the top left of the gallery search. (Blue = visited visible, grey = visited hidden. Fading toggle is only controllable from the side panel at the moment)
Because it works by remembering galleries you visit it will only be able to hide galleries visited since this update.
It's possible to import the entire history from firefox but it's a manual process that's pretty complex. I added instructions for doing so in the feedback forum.

-First attempt at unbreaking chrome.

-Minor css fixes, direct link for low powered tags

-Improved the minimal ui Star filter. Clicking a star rating once will apply it to the next search as before. Clicking twice will apply it to the current view and reload the page. (One star disables the filter)

-Fixed gallery 'Auto Download Archive' by adding new server ips
-Added gallery option 'Direct Link Tags'. When enabled, clicking on a tag goes directly to a search for that tag instead of bringing up the upvote/downvote goto menu.
-Added minimum rating filter in minimal ui. Click on the stars under the search box to set a minimum, then refresh the search by pressing enter inside the box to apply. 1 Star = disabled.
-Added an option for 'Search Expunged', intended for use with minimal ui. Should have the same behavior as the the advanced search option. Untested so might have issues.

Improvements to 'Group by Title'
-Properly orders numbered titles in more cases
-Non-faded tiles will now show before same named faded tiles
-Same named files also consider misc tags such as [2/2], [1/2] for better ordering

-Tags are now sorted by hue (purple to red)
-Added two more highlight modes that only apply to tags:
--fcolor - overrides the text color of a flag
--fgrad - overrides the text color of a flag and adds color to multicolor border


-Fix tile cropping when grouping is disabled or using zigzag / good tags first.

-Changed the minimum width for the gallery thumb holder for less than 4 column views.
-b Minimal UI should now work better at less than 4 columns.

-Customizable width for gallery viewer (px for scaled mode, thumb count for unscaled)
-Minor css changes inside viewer
-b Shrink font size for really long titles in search

-Unbreak front page random galleries

-Added experimental change to improve render performance. It basically hides the page until it finishes changing styles and moving everything around. If you get stuck at a blank page in EH for some reason it probably means this broke somehow, but it shouldn't happen.
-b Switch to different cropping method when grouping with radius > 30px

-Code cleanup
-Improved gallery search tile cropping logic
-b Fix error with default sort

-Fixed an issue where if a tile is hidden by multiple bad tags it can mangle the sort/grouping.

-Current paging info shows again on non-mini gal index ui
-Added option to auto accept/start archvie DL once clicked inside gallery settings. (Might not always work due to all the Archive servers not all being yet on the app's accept list yet.)
-b Will more gracefully handle invalid gallery thumbnail images. But these should never occur.

-Version 2 of the gallery index layout. Has more room for longer titles and an improved look.
-b The Default advanced title (from reset) includes a gallery category that shows up on the top left. Other Things (Such as artist)could be put in the box instead. To get rid the category coloring comes from the category in the class definition for the div.
-c jQuery 2.0.2
-d fix error message location in minimal index ui

-Spans in custom titles now grey on visisted
-Can use a category class in titles for category based coloring

-Minor css change (bottom pager in index minimal-ui)

-Highlighter now has two modes: border and top. Each gallery tile can show one top and one border highlight.
-Minor css adjustments (gallery tile spacing/titles)

-Added Category selector for the highlight feature, which checks against a gallery's category. (non-h, image sets, cosplay, asian porn, misc, western, game cg, sets, artist cg sets, manga, doujinshi)
-Category can also be included in a gallery's custom title
-Quick fix for broken Popular Right Now

-Added 'Minimal UI' option to index view. Similar to the gallery option. This is somewhat hardcoded for 1920width, 6 columns but should mostly work with other settings.
-Fixed gallery Minimal UI issue introduced with FF 22

-Highliter help no longer always with custom title
-Should get grey visited color now with custom titles when not using !important for css color

-Added a gallery highlighter
Colors gallery borders/background based on search terms. Can match specific title parts, anywhere in the title, or gallery tags. Note this can also match against title parts that may not visible due to the title filter.

-Should now properly set tag colors
-Unbreak good tags view sort (gallery)
-Unbreak default view sort, with better description
-Added setting for tag shortening
-Removed broken settings (torrent links, stars) will probably fix these later

First pass fixing issues due to EH updates.
(List view, stars, torrent links not working yet)
'Good Tags' are now Green, Blue, Purple. 'Bad Tags' are Red, Orange, Yellow.

-Small improvement to grouping code
-b switch to jquery 2.0.0
-c unbreak stuff from jq2

-Implemented a proper title grouping algorithm. (Needs tall to short to work) Its px value is how close tile heights need to be to get grouped. Bigger values means more things are grouped, but also are more likely to have the bottom of thumbnails trimmed.

-Fixed tag injection in list view
-Fixed row coloring when rows are hidden in list view
-b Fix list row coloring for non grey
-c Fix torrent/rating removal on list view
-d Better fonts for minimal gallery mode
-d,e Some minor fixes

-Added gallery view setting for 'minimal interface'. This transforms the gallery header into a sidebar, colors tags by type, and removes a lot of stuff I never use. (Click gallery thumb for archive download) For now it's hardcoded to assume 1920 browser width. Will probably add some settings for this eventually.

-More compact gallery view css

-Hide/show tags now works both with and without specifying a namespace

-The number of columns can be set(default 5)
-Stars/torrent links can be disabled
-'Group titles' pulls similar titles together when sorting by height, even if the height differs slightly. Current implementation is a quick hack but works for most cases.

gallery view
-some fixes for target height mode (last row some times would bug out) may still have issues

Gallery index/search
-Improves appearance/layout
-Parses and cleans up titles
-Can hide/fade galleries by tag (requires flagging perk)
-Can resort gallery thumbs (useful when hiding)

Gallery view
-Can adjust thumbs for neat rows (requires large thumbs)

-Grey CSS Theme