NHentai Improved

Partially fade/remove non-english, HQ thumbnails, mark as read, subs, etc.

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NHentai Improved


  • Completely remove non-english (off by default)
  • Partially fade out non-english (on by default)
  • Non-english fade opacity (0.3 by default)

  • Width of the thumbnail container for browse sections (1350px by default)
  • Width of the thumbnails for browse sections (250px by default)
  • Load HQ thumbnails for browse sections (on by default)

  • Width of the thumbnail container for comic pages section (1350px by default)
  • Width of the thumbnails for comic pages section (300px by default)
  • Load HQ thumbnails for comic pages section (on by default)

  • Mark as read Feature (on by default)
  • Marked as read fade opacity (0.3 by default)
  • Mark as read tag font size (15 by default)

  • Subscribe Feature (on by default)
nolazyload recommended

Mark as read

Comics marked as read are partially faded out with a "READ" tag on the bottom right of that comic.
You can mark comics as read/unread on the main comic info page for that comic.


You can now subscribe to artists or groups. Currently all this does is list subscriptions on a new subscriptions page and highlight subscribed tags.


Lists of marked comics and subs is stored locally on your PC. That means if you wipe your locally stored data for the browser the list gets wiped. There is a barebones import/export for these in the settings if you wish to make a backup. To export, simply copy paste (CTRL+A is helpful) the data anywhere you wish to store it. To import, paste the data in to the textfield (make sure it's empty first) and press "Import". I'll make it fancier and a bit easier to use at some point.

All features are optional.
You'll find the settings in the site's own settings section:

(tested and working on Firefox and Chrome)


- Now when using HQ thumbnails, the low quality thumbnails get loaded in first. As soon as the low quality image is loaded a HQ image starts loading to replace it. This way there's something to see as soon as possible as the HQ images do take some time to load.
- Because of above improvement, HQ thumbnails are now on by default everywhere

- Added Mark as read feature
- Added icon

- Fixed bug: mark as read/unread buttons stopped working after one use unless the page was refreshed in between

- Fixed a mistake with the mark as read array. Should be working now.

- Added subscription system.

- Cleaned up the code a bit.
- Made the read tag more visible
- Added option to set how faded out the read comic covers are.
- The comics marked as read also no longer have the title portion faded out.

- The settings can now be changed in the settings section of the site. Don't change the settings from inside the script anymore.

-added scope
-fixed problem with marking multiple comics as read from multiple tabs in a row

-Added barebones import/export (currently the marked as read and subs only, not the settings)

-Fixed too long cover images