Fetish Downloader (konachan &lolibooru auto downloader)

Download all your lovely fetishes (no furries)

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Download all images of tag from konachan

This userscript allowes you to download all the images from any tag on konachan.

it is abstract enough to extend for use on any Moebooru application

This script is easy to use. do the following

  • Go To Konachan.com or .net (must be https)
  • Search for any tag
  • at the bottom, you will see a new link "Download all your fetishes"
  • click it, and from there you can download all images or filter it by excluding tags

This will download every image from every page, not just the current page. use this script if you want to download EVERY image on the site for your tag

It will also handle failures and queue them for downloading, as well has DOS protection detection, konachan and other Moebooru sites tend to sit behind cloudflare and before a WAF, so this will detect if images are causing the WAF to trigger a DOS protection and throttle your download accordingly

The only real option on this script is the ability to exclude tags from your download after pages are done, you can click options

The images are downloaded and then zipped up and you will be asked to save the zip. there is a batch limit of 1000 images, if there are more than 1000 images to download, this will download and zip each image in batches of 1000, saving memory and not crashing your browser

GitHub here (TypeScript): https://github.com/VictoriqueMoe/FetishDownloader