SpankBang - Search and UI Enhancer

Various search filters and user experience enhancers

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A UI toggled by a red line button on the left side is included to control the script completely.

What's new in v2.1

  • The Rated filter is renamed to Liked filter and works on the items directly rather than making you to open them in new tabs.
  • Vertical videos filter which can be used to hide all the mobile centric videos. Filter is 99% effective as very rarely there are videos that are though vertical but have been converted to landscape without changing the orientation.

Video Filtering

  • Blacklist filter
  • Duration range filter
  • Liked/Disliked videos filter
  • Rating range filter
  • Resolution filters
  • Sanitation filter to omit or substitute any words in video names
  • Search phrase filter
  • Vertical orientation filter
  • Views range filter
  • Whitelist filter

Advanced Features

Automatic open all videos

Automatically opens all filtered videos on playlist, search, profile and video pages. This will spring the popup blocker the first time, so you must disable it for the site.

Firefox Users

Firefox's popup blocker is notorious to rise from the dead after allowing x popups even when completely disabled in options. If such happens to you too, follow the following instructions to make it work.

  1. Open Advanced Options by typing about:config in the address bar and pressing enter.
  2. Type popup in the search bar.
  3. Navigate to the key dom.popup_maximum and change its value to 150.

UI Manipulations

  • Redirect subscriptions link to new subscriptions videos page
  • Remove ad box in lists
  • Remove embed video section
  • Remove live model sections
  • Move screenshots to above the video player
  • Move video details to the top of the right pane
  • Swap related videos with comments section

Base Features

  • Automatic propagation of configuration updates to all tabs
  • Script configuration backup and restore
  • Switch to disable all filters
  • UI to manage all features

Limitation: GreaseMonkey is unsupported