Eza's Gallery Swallower

Turn a page of thumbnails into high-res images

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  • v2.30.12 2024-01-19

    Immediately realized InkBunny.net regex didn't preserve whatever TLD it detected.

  • v2.30.11 2024-01-19

    Widened InkBunny.net regex for different preview URL formats.

  • v2.30.10 2024-01-08

    Fixed videos on Rule34.xxx. Forced full page width on e.g. Hentai-Foundry.com.

  • v2.30.8 2024-01-08

    Kludged filenames on Paheal.net so they'll have detectable file extensions.

  • v2.30.7 2024-01-08

    Added Coomer.su. That site and Kemono.party now work on individual posts as well. Fixed Paheal.net for new CDN. Fixed main div being narrow on some sites.

  • v2.30.3 2023-10-28

    Added KnowYourMeme.com, why not. Changed to Kemonu.su for Kemono.party. Fixed AllTheFallen.moe grabbing non-thumbnail links. Added "latest" page for Aryion.com.

  • v2.29.0 2023-08-18

    Open and close menu (upper left) to update settings list.

    New features: G and H hotkeys to open image or submission in new tab. Onscreen buttons can be disabled. Thumbnails have remove-submission buttons. Optional gradients indicating first and last images in multi-image submissions.

    User-facing changes: Fixed AllTheFallen.moe. Adjusted FurAffinity.net button placement. Removing a submission early definitely stop loading. "Undo" resumes loading incomplete submissions.

    Backstage: Image extensions tested serially instead of in parallel. Tried using native browser features instead; use case doesn't fit. Tried adding SankakuComplex again; server says no. GM.addStyle obviates manual enforce_style.

  • v2.28.2 2022-08-07

    Fixed videos on Rule34.xxx. Added HypnoHub.net. Prevented Gelbooru announcements from appearing as empty submissions.

  • v2.27.1 2022-03-31

    Fixed Inkbunny.net on Chromium. (Polyfill for String.contains.)

  • v2.27.0 2022-03-31

    Added Kemono.party. Added reddit.com, but only for their own gallery pages.

  • v2.26.2 2022-02-03

    Submission pages themselves can now be "swallowed," on Inkbunny.com posts with multiple images. Fixed dark mode on MSPAbooru.com.

  • v2.26.0 2022-02-02

    Added PutMe.ga.

  • v2.24.1 2022-01-02

    Added MSPAbooru.com. Fixed e621.net / e926.net blacklists.

  • v2.23.4 2021-11-21

    Added Booru.AllTheFallen.moe.

  • v2.23.3 2021-11-19

    Fixed Pixiv.net: multi-image submissions on userpages only showed one image.

  • v2.23.2 2021-10-16

    Adjusted and golfed Newgrounds.com. Let typical_item work as a callback.

  • v2.23.0 2021-10-15

    Added Newgrounds.com.

  • v2.22.10 2021-05-14

    Widened Pixiv's @include to work on every single page. If it has compatible thumbnails - this will all show those submissions.

  • v2.22.9 2021-05-10

    Added support for Pixiv's "daily rankings" page, despite infinite scrolling. Not coincidentally: enforced upper limit on simultaneous loading images.

  • v2.22.7 2021-05-06

    Keyboard controls now ignore Ctrl+(key), except for Ctrl+Z for undo. Z for undo still works without Ctrl. Added C key as "remove submission and advance."

  • v2.22.5 2021-05-05

    Fixed reloading submissions after removing them. (Whoops.) Fixed videos not appearing on Baraag. Fixed invisible buttons actually appearing on Baraag. Made options load when Swallow Gallery is clicked instead of when the page loads. Changed default new-image rate from 20 times per second to 10.

  • v2.22.0 2021-05-02

    Added Rule34Hentai.net.

  • v2.21.2 2021-04-29

    Added R34Hub.com. Tweaked style in options menu.

  • v2.20.0 2021-04-27

    Added an options menu. Select initial image size and order - toggle dark mode on by default - disable keyboard controls or video - make the overlay buttons translucent. All of these are global and persistent in an up-to-date browser.

  • v2.19.72 2021-04-25

    Fixed e261 links. (Whoops.) Aligned controls / counter / spinners at the top. Single image no longer says "1 images." Padded bottom of page so keyboard controls work better, which makes sense in context. Tiny CSS changes. Option in script: supercede browser autoplay setting.

  • v2.19.61 2021-04-24

    Added video support.

  • v2.19.50 2021-04-22

    Buttons have title text for on-hover labels. Pixiv loads images faster and more reliably. Controls should no longer appear on missing images. A submission removed before it's finished loading will now resume loading after using "undo." Dark mode button text color changes on all sites.

  • v2.19.40 2021-04-20

    Made spinners work on Baraag.

  • v2.19.29 2021-04-19

    Fixed Rule34.xxx and Baraag in Chromium. Fixed InkBunny missing images sometimes. Reloading a submission on sites that fetch individual webpages will now re-do that fetch.

  • v2.19.13 2021-04-16

    Added Yande.re, Lolibooru.moe, and TheHentaiWorld.com. InkBunny pools now sort chronologically. Made InkBunny handling more precise.

  • v2.16.5 2021-04-05

    Added E-Hentai.org. Changed some internals to suit Chromium / TamperMonkey.

  • v2.15.62 2021-04-02

    Fixed CSS for large X buttons and X-> buttons. Fixed Danbooru previous / next links on first / last page.

  • v2.15.53 2021-04-01

    Added Aryion.com / Eka's Portal. Obsessively tweaked code in ways that don't matter to users.

  • v2.14.16 2021-03-19

    Added "dark mode" button. Keyboard navigation has a bottom anchor for going past the last submission. JabArchives.com is sorted chronologically, regardless of the folder's original order, for consistency. (And folder thumbnails are filtered out.) Image-size buttons have radio button highlights.

  • v2.14.1 2021-03-17

    Added TheJabArchives.com.

  • v2.13.61 2021-03-16

    Added Undo button and hotkey. Fixed custom domain-checking function. Fixed off-by-one in image counter. Missing images (e.g. for video submissions) no longer show controls.

  • v2.13.50 2021-03-13

    Tweaked A/D key navigation to be closer to W/S key navigation - picking which image is "current." Tweaked W key threshold so it works outside of e621. Tweaked previous / next submission button spacing.

  • v2.13.48 2021-03-12

    Added keyboard controls. (WASD to navigate, QERX to remove / reload.) Pixiv previous / next links work better. "Remove-and-advance" (lefthand X->) now has a notification, because otherwise it looks identical to "next image."

  • v2.13.39 2021-03-09

    Fixed spinners on FurAffinity, Rule34.xxx, Danbooru, and partially on Baraag. Aggressive refactoring. Simplified most previous/next links. Automatic detection of CSS barriers. Generalized "followups" on test URLs.

  • v2.13.25 2021-03-08

    New remove-and-advance button below next-image / previous-image navigation buttons.

  • v2.13.21 2021-03-07 Immediately swapped the order of per-page navigation arrows. (Sorry.) Fixed navigation arrows when image order is reversed.
  • v2.13.19 2021-03-07 Per-page navigation arrows.
  • v2.13.16 2021-03-07 Fixed navigation arrows when submission order is reversed. Changed Pixiv probes to smallest thumbnail size.
  • v2.13.11 2021-03-06 Added Safebooru.org (basically Gelbooru), Danbooru.donmai.us, and Rule34.xxx. Fetching now has automatic delayed retries.
  • v2.10.4 2021-03-05 Added FurAffinity.net. Didn't I already upload this version?
  • v2.9.2 2021-03-02 Added InkBunny. Added Mastodon instances: Mastodon.art, Mastodon.social.
  • v2.8.6 2021-02-28 Added Derpibooru. Added navigation buttons for previous / next submission. Changed several sites to be example.com/* and just look for thumbnails.
  • v2.7.7 2021-02-26 Added Paheal.net. Added Mastodon instances: Botsin.space & Equestria.social. Fixed single-page Baraag accounts. Fixed Hentai Foundry previous / next links for "favorite users" page. Supported e621 pools.
  • v2.6.23 2021-02-20 Added thumbnails at the top. Added image size controls.
  • v2.6.14 2021-02-19 Fixed Baraag.net previous / next links. (Whoops.)

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