Eza's Gallery Swallower

Turn a page of thumbnails into high-res images

Display an entire gallery page as high-res images. View dozens of submissions at once. Supports multi-image posts!

Individual images and whole submissions can be hidden with one click. (Intended for use with DownThemAll or a similar mass downloader.)

Supported sites:

  • Pixiv
  • Gelbooru, Danbooru, Derpibooru, MSPAbooru, Yande.re, all of Booru.org
  • InkBunny, FurAffinity, e621 / e926
  • Hentai Foundry, Jab Archives, Aryion, HypnoHub Newgrounds, Kemono
  • Paheal, Rule34.xxx, E-Hentai, TheHentaiWorld, R34Hub
  • Baraag, Pawoo, Mastodon.art, Mastodon.social

Mouse control can be dimmed or hidden.

Keyboard controls are WASD to navigate, QEXC to remove, RFGH otherwise. Z or Ctrl+Z to undo. Good luck!