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Review: Good - script works

Posted: 2021-03-27
Hi, and thanks for keeping this fantastic script updated!

So, a week or two ago, this script (well, technically the "beta update" version someone other than you posted) worked fine for this author's stories, specifically the ones in this series:

but now if I click the download button on any story in that series, or the "series download" button, the file is only a few kb, and when opened just contains the word "undefined".

I tried different series on other author's pages, and even other stories on that author's page (NovusAnimus if it matters) and they all seemed to download fine. I can't figure it out, but my coding skills are...not good.

For now I'm just "view-source" copying and pasting the HTML into an editor, then pasting that into the full series download I successfully got a couple weeks or so ago using the "beta update" version of your script. It's as annoying as it sounds.

If you could fix this issue I'd be freaking ecstatic.
Posted: 2021-03-27
Okay, I cleared my browser cache, and it seems to be working fine now. Wow, I'm embarrassed. Sorry for the trouble.

While I'm writing to you though, I have a question: I looked at some of the stories I downloaded while testing if that was the only series affected, and I noticed that none of them included the titles or story description at the beginning. Is there a reason that can't be done?

I ask because it really helps break up the chapters when you download an entire series, and it's nice to see at the top of individual stories and chapters.

I downloaded most of my stories (in the past) using the "Literotica author story collection downloader" script from here (sleazyscript) which you can see if you search for scripts (in the search box) with the keyword "Literotica".

That script puts the titles and chapter or story descriptions (the ones on the author's "submissions" at the top of the file, and it's quite nice. It also downloads files as ZIP files, which is a little annoying, and it struggles with stories that have odd section breaks (like writerannabelle's stories written after 2018, when she started using three little emojis (three motorcycles, three houses, etc) as section breaks instead of asterisks, but most of the time it did really well.

Unfortunately it hasn't been updated since 2019, so it's useless now, but it would be awesome if you could add the feature of including the title, at least, if not the description, at the top of downloaded stories and chapters. For now I guess I'll just not download series, and just download 1 part at a time and add the titles manually.
Posted: 2021-04-11
I have added the tilte in version 2.6


For the series "A Model for CC's: 2"
H1: Chapter title
H2: Chapter description

-> H1 : A Model for CC's
-> H2 : Linda tricks a guy into becoming a model for CC's.

-> H1 : A Model for CC's Pt. 02
-> H2 : Victor gets dressed up for the first time.

Will do the same behavior on a single story.

Previously, there was only the chapter description, but was bugged.

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