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Review: OK - script works, but could use improvement

Posted: 2021-04-05
So, this script is great for some things, but it's really helpful to have the title of the story you're downloading included in the HTML conversion text, not just the filename. For whatever reason, the "beta update" version of this script doesn't do that either, but it does attach the story description to the top of each downloaded title. Without including titles, downloading series as a whole is really awkward. You have to go in and input each chapter title manually, which is kinda the point of a script, isn't it?

The "Literotica author story collection downloader" script did this beautifully, with rare exceptions, but the guy who posted it doesn't respond to messages and hasn't updated it since 2019.

If you could add that feature, that would be absolutely amazing.

Thanks in advance for any response!
Posted: 2021-04-11
The description should have been there.

But was bugged...

I added the title and the description of the chapter in version 2.6

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