Riddle Master Assistant Reborn

ML based riddle master answering bot. Help novice to answer pony problem when encounter riddle master challenge.

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Review: Good - script works

Posted: 2021-07-06

This script is very good! At least I don't need to keep staring at the screen......But recently I found a problem: since July 5th, this script seems to work improperly. My VPN is on, and greazy fork shows this script is running, but once I enter the pony puzzle, it won't automatically fill in the answer, and there's no error poped up. Of course, my VPN works good (if not, at least the script will tell me that the server isn't responding), there's no error when I enter https://rdma.mooo.com/status (returns "ok"), homepage is also working, and I didn't change anything in this script after download. Before July 5th, script worked very well, but now it's not working, for which I have lost 38 points of stamina... Also I've tried reinstalling the script, but obviously it doesn't work.
Posted: 2021-07-14
Author: I use the script for grindfest everyday. It is working. The script should tell you if it does not get a response from the server (timeout message). If you do not even get an error message, then the script is not working on your browser.
Posted: 2021-07-14
Emmm...Unfortunatly, you're right. Recently I tried the script with EDGE and it's still working. There should be something wrong with my browser, but what puzzles me is why the script suddenly didn't work overnight, I'm quite sure that I did nothing to it...That's really strange...

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