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Review: Good - script works

Posted: 2023-06-25

Thank you for this awesome script. It works perfectly for me. The only missing feature I would like to have is to be able to pause the live stream (of any room) and resume it later from the same point. I see that you state on the main page: "Clicking on live video feed doesn't pause it anymore" so I suppose it worked at some time. Is it impossible to bring that feature back? Anyway this is a great-great work. Thanks again.

Posted: 2023-06-26

That on click pause is default CB behaviour. I have deliberately disabled it because I consider it annoying. I could implement it back as small pause button. I will look forward into that.

Posted: 2023-06-28

Thank you for your quick reply. Sorry but I am not understanding your answer or maybe the whole situation. IN MY CASE, the default behavior on Chaturbate as well as many other Live Cams platforms, is that pausing the live stream DOES NOT WORK. It's not possible to pause it. Chaturbate by default doesn't show any pause button or progression bar and if you click on the video, the stream pauses for two or three seconds and then resumes the live streaming. I don't have much experience with these platforms, I just recently started using some of them and I thought that not being able to pause the live stream was the default behavior. That's why I wanted the script to help me do it. If you are watching a Live Cam on Chaturbate WITHOUT SCRIPT ACTIVATED, can you pause the video by clicking on it and resume it much later at the same point? I definetely can not.

Please I would appreciate it if you could help me clarify if there's something I'm not getting right.

Thanks again for your work.

Posted: 2023-07-01

It's default behaviour on CB but it's not because they purposely implemented it as feature. This is how their player just works. The fact that it automatically resumes for you could mean that the cache gets filled up.

Posted: 2023-07-11
Edited: 2023-07-11

Clicking on the video player pauses it and it un-pauses itself after a second or two every time, I tried it on Opera and Mozilla, had it always like that.
So, doing it with HLS would definitely be necessary.

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