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Posted: 2022-08-03

Can you have it work when logged in

cause I tried it & doesn't block adss when logged in

if you can & if not I appreciate you trying

Posted: 2022-08-04

@Erik S thanks for sharing information! I wasn't logged in, so I didn't notice the problem. Today I'll try to fix it!

I'll send you a message in conversations (aka DM), when script will be fixed.

Posted: 2022-08-04

@Erik S I logged in, but everything works fine, didn't noticed any issues, can you give more debugging information such as your browser, your browser version etc.?

Posted: 2022-08-07

I just tried on waterfox & MSEdge and both same thing not worjking

But I have a premium/paid account

But just tried it again buy signing up for free account & works but deleted the free account cause not needed

so basically: I tried it with my paid/premium account doesn't work

if you can get it to work with that good

Posted: 2022-08-12

@ErikS okay... Now I have free time, so I'll try to solve a problem.

Can you please answer those questions?:

- Is other functional working? (Such as video download, boss mode etc.)
- Can you show me console logs (Errors, I mean)? You can open web console using Ctrl+Shift+I.

Also, you still didn't say your browser version, your browser. (You can get your browser (Waterfox) version by going to these steps: Press at menu button (top right corner) > Press "Help" > Press "About Firefox")

Posted: 2022-08-18

It finally worked/works but could see download(SAVE) links so then I exported my violentmonkey scrips & switched back to tamper monkey and now works great

BTW: using edge beta on MacOS Big sur

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