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Watch xxx media contents without ads or distractions and with a little tweak (fortune cookie style). For any matter not related to design or technicality please refer to Schimon Jehudah, Adv. (L.N 63708 IL)

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🚭 Tobacco Cinema Center

Tobacco Cinema Center comes with extra useful functions which make your visit on pornography websites less destructive, shorter and quicker, so you have more time for useful activities, including meeting with a real mate and maybe, making life on the way.

Why use Tobacco Cinema?

XXX websites collect a lot of information about you.

While it’s understandable that such websites collect a lot of technical data for product development, debugging and to serve the best experience to its users, not everyone wants their internet protocol (IP) address, […] browser type and version, time zone setting and location, browser plug-in types and versions, operating system, and platform […] data to be collected and stored.

XXX websites share your information with third-parties Some XXX websites do not sell your information, but they do share it with third-parties ("We also partner with other third parties […] to serve advertising content and manage advertising campaigns"), including conglomerates.

Most of the XXX website also contain trackers that turn you into their products.

To realize this, here's a vacancy placard made by one of the largest XXX operators.

Data Scientist Needed

Do you Love Data?

Do numbers make you Horny?

How Big is your knowledge of BIG Data?

Are you a Data Scientist, Statistician, Algorithm Specialist, Machine Learning Expert, AI Engineer or a linguist with a passion for the Adult Industry.

Come put your skills to the test at the most cutting edge data science technology in the world.

They want to make you addicted

So what does Tobacco Cinema is doing about it?

Reduce clutter

XXX websites have a cluttered UI that is designed to distract you and addict you to pornographic contents. Tobacco Cinema simplifies the interface to make it easier to watch and navigate.

Remove ads

XXX websites are notorious for injecting unsolicited ads and involuntary popups that often lead to spam, various of malwares and phishing websites. Tobacco Cinema blocks any attempt to mislead people visiting those websites.

Get married and enjoy life!

Thank you for your interest in Tobacco Cinema,

The Clear Cinema Team

More to know about sex and dirtiness

So, Melissa Kay Sims (aka Dahlia Sky) had an overhaul of 80 million views for her work in the course of 10 years. The mission of this program, which is dedicated to her, will result in 80 million marriages.

"The body is a temple, not a playground." -- The Righteous Mind.

"There's no such thing as dirty or bad, only misplaced." -- Schimon Jehudah, Adv.

There's no such thing as bad, only misplaced!

We must place our enegry and resources in the right places.

Don't have a wife? Get married!

Because pornography would only harm you, and might even eliminate your unborn babies.