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Collapse the sidebar to beautify the interface, automatically load original images, easily hide ads, optimize page browsing and flipping, automatically open new pages, optimize the video section, add next page and back to top buttons at the bottom.

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Posted: 2023-09-17

I am pressing the Settings Menu button from the userscript menu but no menu will show... using Brave Browser (x64) on Windows 10. Turning off shields (ad block) still does not allow the setting to show.

Canaan HSAuthor
Posted: 2023-09-18
Edited: 2023-09-18

Thank you for letting me know. During development, I only tested it on Google and Edge browsers, and I forgot to perform a thorough test. That's why these issues arose. After some initial testing with Brave, I have already fixed the problem. However, during testing with Brave browser, I noticed that there may be some exceptions in certain functionalities, which can occasionally cause them to malfunction.

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