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Info preview, removal of lock from friends' vidoes, restored upload button, and more.

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Hey there!

So, this cool little script provides information previews throughout, including messages, and removes the private lock from videos uploaded by friends. Now you can conveniently view information previews and decide whether to accept friend requests or not. It does much much more. Checkout the following, non exhaustive, list.

List of tweaks:

  • Back/Next buttons;
  • Video thumbnails inside friend requests;
  • Upload button restored if temporarily gone (can be disabled);
  • Opt-in notification when upload functionality gets restored;
  • Inside message page, info icons & uploaded vids count;
  • User info (latest videos, online status, etc) inside f/r message;
  • Suggested Accept/Deny highlight;
  • Lock removed & green outline for friends' private videos;
  • Total pages number added to video lists;
  • Auto refresh new-friend's video until unlocked;
  • Template replies (customizable via menu);
  • Video title word highlights (customizable via menu);
  • Buttons added: Confirm & Close and Deny & Close.
  • Alternative thumbnails for blacklisted users;
  • One-click friend request on private video pages;
  • One-click friend request inside video thumbnail;
  • Link to requested video inside f/r message;
  • Emoticons are showed as images when writing messages;
  • Flags on user profiles;
  • Longer text area when changing personal info;
  • About me info-boxes support line breaks;
  • Automatic background update of the "new message" tag;
  • Alert when your videos get published;
  • Search user videos;
  • Download button for unlocked videos.

Note: the lock removal is only aesthetic for videos you may already see.

How to Use:

  1. Get Yourself a User Script Manager: Get yourself Violentmonkey.

  2. Install the Script: Click 'Install this script' on this page and then Install

Got Feedback?

If you run into any snags or you've got ideas on how to make this script even better, hit me up on CW: Script Author's Profile. Give this script a green rating if you appreciate my work. It keeps me motivated.


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