Remove ads, enlarges video, stops autoplay keeping buffering & block pop-ups

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ExtendPornHub remove ads and change the look of PornHub for better usage.

Some of the cool features:

  • Will center the video on the screen on load
  • Adds button and keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Alt+C on QWERTY) to center the video again after you scroll
  • Changes the player to remove in-video ads and disable autoplay
  • Works both for flash & html5 player
  • Works on PornHub Premium too

Disclaimer: ExtendPornHub and all its family are uploaded here simply because I'm cool, you have no support at all. I update them when I have time and generally only when I start watching porn again, that is when I notice they are broken.

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Comments appreciated. Suggestions too.
Anonymous suggestions and bug reports for the shy
(Post here if you're not shy, it's easier for me to check it).

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Opera Mozilla Firefox Google Chrome Safari Internet Explorer


  • Opera:
    • Right-click the Install button and save the file as theNameUWant.js in your userscripts folder
    • Check here how to setup the userscript folder
    • Install a userscript plugin like violentmonkey
    • Click the install button
  • Firefox:
    1. Install a userscript plugin like greasemonkey or scriptish
    2. Click the install button
  • Chrome:
    1. Install a userscript plugin like tampermonkey
    2. Click the install button and choose to install using the plugin NOT native Chrome
  • Safari:
    1. Install a userscript plugin like NinjaKit
    2. Click the install button
  • IE:
    1. Install a usercript activeX. The only I tested is IEPro.
    2. Click the Install button.
    3. Save the file in ProgramFiles*/IEPro/Userscripts as ExtendPornHub.ieuser.js.
      *also for ProgramFiles(x86) in 64bit Windows.