Chaturbate Clean

removes all add's, sub-selector on the tab's, shows video if you have no access, full screen with chat

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This script gives a lot of extra functions to the chaturbate website.

functions :

At first it will remove all advertisements.

On a thumbnail page:

You will have a subselector. For example, Female -> Exhibitionists or Couple -> Asian cams , etc.

If you move your mouse on a thumbnail it will zoom and show a live preview.
You can disable it in advanced options.
(Also if you are a supporter, if you disable animation also zooming will be disabled)

On an online or offline webcam page:

The broadcasters bio will have 3 extra lines showing the Group, Spy and Private costs in Tk/min.
and exhibitionist if the broadcaster can't get Tokens.

The lock symbol on the thumbnails from pictures or video's you can buy will be removed.

Links in the profile will no longer go to a "please wait" page first.

If you recieve a PM in a tab that's not open the tab title will show you have a PM

- This will only work if you don't have the PM tab in the chatbox open !!!!! -

You will have 3 (or less) extra buttons next to the follow button and satisfaction score.

-Clean profile on/off
Hide or unhide all elements in the broadcasters profile that are not on their default place like
backgrounds , logo's etc. The script remembers your stetting.
The button will only be there if there is something in the profile that can be hidden.

-Full screen with chat (only if online)
Makes the video and chat box go full screen.
In full screen there is an exit full screen button.
(The Emoticon autocomplete preview will not work in full screen)

-Video controls on/off (only if online)
This will open a video control panel where you can adjust the video brightness, contrast,
invert or mirror video etc.
On the panel will also be a drag button, if you click it an pull it with your mouse you can place
the panel on any position of the screen
Clicking the video controls button will also copy the HLS video link to the clipboard.

Above the cam there will only be 3 links

-Chat rooms, works as normal
-Broadcast, will now open in a new tab
-Back, will always bring you back to the last thumbnail page you visited even if you used
next cams or went to an other room using the chatlist.

On a page you can not enter due to your region, gender or a ban you will see a preview video
This video is made out of images (.jpg player) and will have no sound.
If it shows the chaturbate logo the room is offline, if the video is frozen the room has recently
been online or is in private, group, password or hidden.

Video's in "your collection" and video's in the broadcasters bio will have a "save to disk" option.

This script will not work in the new "Theater mode". Even while the theater mode in some settings
looks a lot like the "normal" mode it is completely different.

For this mode I made an other script, "cb theater mode clean", that will seamless integrate with this script. It got the same look and the setting like clean profile will be transferred between the scripts.
Next to that it will have functions that are special made for the theater mode.

V3.6 - fix for preview of rooms you can not enter
V3.7 - live preview on thumbnails.
V3.8 - thumbnails in the followed tab now also show a live preview, lock symbols also removed on "more" page and some minor changes
V3.9 - fix for skip agree terms
V4.0 - The "more like this" tab now also shows a live preview
V4.1 - fix for html5 video size
V4.2 - chaturbate introduced their own moving thumbnails preview so i had to remove it from the script ( it's still active on the "more like this" and the "followed" tab's )
V4.3 - moving thumbnails preview also removed in the "more like this" tab
V4.4 - save to disk link for video's you can watch in the user uploads pop-up fixed
V4.5 - animated thumbnails are back.
V4.6 - improved animated thumbnails
V4.7 - fix for save recorded privates , new PM info in tab
V4.8 - small fix for wide screen thumbnails
V4.9 - temporary fox for thumbnails not animating ( final fix will come when i have more time)