Userscript for Motherless.com. Provide direct links for pictures and video files. Download all Images on one site with DownThemAll(firefox) or Download Master(Chrome).

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FapFun a Userscript for Motherless.com

This script adds links under each thumbnail. For fullscreen image preview and for direct link to video. The images are provided in an overlay.
For images larger then monitor resolution the image is shrinked to resolution. If a page has pagination link on it an get all images button.
This button gets all links to the full size images.

For closing the overlay click the image. For closing the other overlays click on close.

The "get all images" button has no a timout of 2min. After that it came to an end. It runs mutch faste now.

The button Images URLs provide the full screen URLs for all Images on the displayed site. To download them use DownThemAll for Firefox or Download Master for Chrome(!!Overlay with links must be shown!!).

Version Highlights:

Version 4.9:

Version 4.8:

Version 4.7:
+change new cdb links

Version 4.6:
+changing all links to use Protocol http or https

Version 4.5:
+Bugfixes for Greasmonkey 4

Version 4.4:
+Changings for Greasmonkey 4 to use Firefox57

Version 4.3:
+Adding textbox to editing names fo download.
+Downloadlinks for pictures have now html5 downloadtag with given name an inumeration.

Version 4.2:
+Changing linkcolors for preview pictures and videos
+Adding Button in Userprofile screen to get to uploads from the user. Even it is a private Profile.

Version 4.1:
+Video now shown in overlay.

Version 4.0:
+Rewrite functions to run much faster.
+Processing no longer needed for getting links for images. Thx to motherless.

Version 3.11:
+Improfment in memory consummtion.

Version 3.10:
+Fix adresses to match the new urls on Motherless.

Version 3.9:
+Fix adresses to match the new urls on Motherless.

Verison 3.8:
+Fix adresses to match the new urls on Motherless.

Version 3.7:
+Fixed resolution problems with picture preview. Overlay picture was not shown entirely.

Version 3.6:
+add stop button. To stop the "getallimage" if its hang.

Version 3.5:
+"get all Images" works now on search page.(On search select Images page and run it.)

Version 3.4:
+Download link in botom of video player added.
-Remove Video URL button.

Version 3.3:
+Timeout for getImages

Version 3.2:
+Works with Chrome now
+Links saved in Tempermonkey or Greasmonkey so the site will not reprocessed.
+Reset function to reprocess sites.
+Works now with Groups and Galleries.
+Fix some Pagination issues on Motherless.
-Lots of bugfixes.

Version 3.1:
+Showing progress for catching images on the buttons.
+Site must not reprocessed if the overlay is acidantily closed.
-Some small bugfixes.

Version 3.0:
+Workaround for chrome: copy links to clipboard. So you can use a external downloadmanager.
+New function: on sites with pagination links a new button is presented for downloading all images in this view.(please read notes)
-Lots of bugfixes...


"Get all Images" can run a long time. So please patience. On my machine a site with 6 follow sites takes 60 to 80 seconds and consumes 100 to 120 mb on ram. On chrome it consumes much less ram 20 to 30 mb.

Sourcecode is on github link

Contact me through this side for request or questions

Tested in Firefox with Greasmonkey and Chrome with Tampermonkey