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Adds a few quality of life improvements on Sankaku Channel: 'Choose/Set Parent' modes, automatic image scaling, duplicate tagging/flagging, muting videos, speaker icons on loud videos, + - tag search buttons. Fully configurable using localStorage.

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Check the "⚙ Addon config" button in the navbar for settings.

How to use the Choose/Set Parent modes:
1. Select the 'Choose Parent' mode
2. Click the post-to-be-parent
3. The mode automatically switches to 'Set Parent'
4. Click all the soon-to-be-child-posts

How to use the + - tag search buttons:
0. make sure you enabled them in the addon config (they are enabled by default)
1. click the "+" to the left of a tag to toggle it in search field and click "-" to toggle "-tagname"
2. the search field is focused, so you can hit enter to search

How to use the experimental tag menu:
1. setup your common tags in the addon config*
2. on the post page, click the small "«" button to the bottom right to open the tag menu
3. click the common tags you want to add, click the current tags you want to remove

*How to setup the common tags:
If you just want a simple tag list like in earlier versions, use this
[ {"name":"common tags", "tags":["insert your tags here"] } ]
You can group tags so they always appear in one line and have a colored background like this
[ {"name":"common tags", "tags":["some tags", ["tags that are always in the same line"], "some other tags"] } ]
You can define multiple categories
[ {"name":"category1", "tags":[...] }, {"name":"category2", "tags":[...] } ]
If you want a line break, use a new category without a name
[ {"name":"common tags", "tags":["some tags"] }, {"tags":["tags that appear in the next line"] } ]

Main page:
e = rate explicit mode
q = rate questionable mode
s = rate safe mode
c = choose parent mode
v = set parent mode
Post page:
f = fit image into window
g = scale horizontally
h = scale vertically
r = reset image size
s = find similar (allow popups!)
d = delete post (allow popups!)

known bugs/limitations:
image scaling doesn't scale translation boxes
flash videos cannot be muted (impossible without using some kind of loader)