Adds a few quality of life improvements on Sankaku Channel: Automatic image scaling, scrolling to image, thumbnail icons for loud/animated posts, muting/pausing videos, + - tag search buttons, a tag menu which allows for tagging by clicking, 'Choose/Set Parent' modes, easier duplicate tagging/flagging. Fully configurable through the Addon config.

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PSA: Please report issues in the Official Forum Thread since I rarely check this site.

Feature list:

  • a custom grid thumbnail style to enable
  • automatic image scaling, scrolling to image
  • thumbnail 🔊 speaker icon for loud videos
  • thumbnail ⏩ icon for animated posts
  • load original images automatically if under a given filesize limit
  • experimental: fade out thumbnails of viewed posts
  • mute/pause videos and show/hide video controls
  • + - tag search buttons
  • tag category collapsers on post pages
  • 'Choose Parent'/'Set Parent' modes
  • lots of extra buttons for quick duplicate tagging and flagging
  • the tag menu, tagging by clicking!
  • comes with a (maybe too) big premade tag list based on the wiki's "Tag Checklist"
  • DText buttons on wiki edit pages
  • a 'wiki template' which is text that will be shown on wiki add/edit pages that can very comfortably be copied over
  • 'record templates' which add a configurable dropdown to the "Add Record", filling in the "Reason" textbox
  • a '⚙' button besides the '»' button on wiki pages that directs to the tag edit page
  • a bunch of hotkeys for common operations
  • fully configurable via the "⚙ Addon config" in the navbar

Check out the images at the bottom of this page for visual aid of where to find all some of the stuff!

Should be fully compatible with Tampermonkey, Greasemonkey and Violentmonkey.

How to use the Choose/Set Parent modes

0. Have Tag Script permission (meaning you should have 'Edit tag script' and 'Apply tag script' in your modes)
1. Select the 'Choose Parent' mode
2. Click the post-to-be-parent
3. The mode automatically switches to 'Set Parent'
4. Click all the soon-to-be-child-posts

You can remove a parent by setting a post's parent to itself (Choose Parent and click twice).

How to use the + - tag search buttons

0. make sure you enabled them in the addon config (they are enabled by default)
1. click the "+" to the left of a tag to toggle it in search field and click "-" to toggle "-tagname"
2. the search field is focused, so you can hit enter to search

How to use the tag category collapsers on post pages

1. enable them in the addon config
2. the post tags now show a horizontal bar that will collapse all the tags under it when clicked

How to use the tag menu

0. make sure it's enabled in the addon config (it's enabled by default)
1. setup your common tags in the addon config*
2. on the post page, click the small "«" button to the bottom right to open the tag menu
3. click the common tags you want to add/remove, click the current tags you want to remove
Pro Tip: Ctrl-click a tag to open the corresponding wiki page

*How to setup the common tags

If you just want a simple tag list like in earlier versions, use this
[ {"name":"common tags", "tags":["insert your tags here"] } ]
You can group tags so they always appear in one line and have a colored background like this
[ {"name":"common tags", "tags":["some tags", ["tags that are always in the same line"], "some other tags"] } ]
You can put tags into a table so they are aligned over multiple lines
[ {"name":"common tags", "tags":[ [["tag1 tag2 tag3"], ["aligned_with_tag1 aligned_with_tag2 aligned_with_tag3"]], "some more tags"] } ]
You can define multiple categories
[ {"name":"category1", "tags":[...] }, {"name":"category2", "tags":[...] } ]
If you want a line break, use a new category without a name
[ {"name":"common tags", "tags":["some tags"] }, {"tags":["tags that appear in the next line"] } ]

How to use the wiki template

1. set your common phrases, headers, whatever (it's just text) in the addon config
2. it'll show the template text in a separate textarea on wiki add/edit pages
3. click a line to select it or use the arrow keys to change the selected line (you can still drag-select or shift-arrow-key-select text as well)
4. press 'c' or the designated 'copy over' button to copy over the selected text to the main body


Main page:

e = rate explicit mode
q = rate questionable mode
s = rate safe mode
c = choose parent mode
v = set parent mode

Post page:

g = fit image into window
shift+g = scale horizontally
alt+g = scale vertically
h = reset image size
find similar (opens a new tab)
delete post (opens a new tab)

Compatibility with Galinoa's "Sankaku Channel Dark"

Go to the addon config and check the self-explaining "Galinoa's Sankaku Channel Dark compatibilty" option. This should make all scaling modes work properly (at least for big window sizes) and will also apply a translation note fix (uninstall Galinoa's NoteFix if you have it).
The notes will however only fit the default image size, so press 'r' to quickly reset the image size when you want your notes to fit.

Known bugs / limitations

flash videos cannot be muted (impossible without using some kind of loader)

Some images: