Adds a few quality of life improvements on Sankaku Channel: Automatic image scaling, scrolling to image, thumbnail icons for loud/animated posts, muting/pausing videos, + - tag search buttons, a tag menu which allows for tagging by clicking, 'Choose/Set Parent' modes, easier duplicate tagging/flagging. Fully configurable through the Addon config.

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  • v0.99.45 2022-01-18

    add alternative category collapser style with category name

  • v0.99.44 2022-01-12

    fix false-positive error on similar post page

  • v0.99.43 2021-12-15

    switch 2 tags around, fix one instance of error logging

  • v0.99.42 2021-12-10

    some changes/fixes to the default tag list like added skin and background colors

  • v0.99.41 2021-12-09

    ctrl-clicking a tag in the tag menu will open the corresponding wiki page

  • v0.99.40 2021-12-09

    fix some missing underscores in the default tags list

  • v0.99.39 2021-11-25

    try to equalize the site's CSS when logged out (it is different from when being logged in), should finally fix the layout breakage when thumbnail icons are enabled

  • v0.99.38 2021-11-25

    revert accidental style changes

  • v0.99.37 2021-11-25

    revert all layout "fixes" since 0.99.33 (issue was caused by temporary site CSS change?)

  • v0.99.36 2021-11-25

    fix layout breakage properly (reverting the hacky workarounds)

  • v0.99.35 2021-11-25
    • apply layout fix to all thumbnails when thumbnail icons are enabled
      • don't fade out thumbnails when post history is disabled
  • v0.99.34 2021-11-24

    attempt to fix layout breakage between browsers when thumbnail icons are enabled

  • v0.99.33 2021-04-27
    • slightly rework async image/action list detection
    • add a small delay to image scrolling
  • v0.99.32 2021-04-26

    fix image scaling when details can't be read (hopefully for real this time)

  • v0.99.31 2021-04-25

    fix image scaling on non-resized posts when not logged in

  • v0.99.30 2021-03-04 add an optional ~ ("or") tag search button, disabled by default
  • v0.99.29 2021-01-16 a new config dialog (unfinished), tag category collapsers can be drag-closed or opened, add option to show file type under post “Details” (enabled by default), add option to move post “Details” to the right of the edit form (disabled by default), “fade out posts” doesn’t fade out box shadow of posts
  • v0.99.28 2021-01-09 change style of collapsed tag category, fix collapser state not being loaded correctly, collapsing a category now affects other open tabs as well
  • v0.99.27 2021-01-08 add tag category collapsers on post pages (needs to be enabled first), add sitefix for broken pixiv links under 'Details'
  • v0.99.26 2021-01-05 fix scroll to center not working properly (regression from 0.99.23), improve image scroll reliability by waiting one animation frame
  • v0.99.25 2020-12-28 fix ViolentMonkey compatibility
  • v0.99.24 2020-12-23 don't fadeout thumbnails on your own uploads or favorites page, cache thumbnail elements (should improve performance of fading out posts 'live')
  • v0.99.23 2020-12-21 translation notes finally scale as well (will work with adding/editing notes but they will appear to 'slide off' your cursor when you move them so I still recommend resetting the image size), add a small 100% original icon, the config menu can now be opened via the usermanager as well (using GM.registerMenuCommand), use GM.addStyle if possible, don't run in iframes
  • v0.99.22 2020-12-19 use GM.set/getValue etc instead of localStorage if possible (this means settings are permanently stored inside the userscript manager and are also shared between idol and chan - except the common tags list and post history, which are separate for each site)
  • v0.99.21 2020-12-18 change 'wiki template' to always show in a separate textarea (so it won't be used as default text on wiki add pages anymore)
  • v0.99.21 2020-12-18
  • v0.99.21 2020-12-18
  • v0.99.21 2020-12-18 select whole line of wiki template via arrow keys as well
  • v0.99.21 2020-12-18 add 'wiki template' option which is text that will be used as default text on wiki add pages and be shown separately on wiki edit pages to be easily copied (using the 'c' hotkey or a button press)
  • v0.99.20 2020-12-17
  • v0.99.20 2020-12-17 experimental option to fade out thumbnails of viewed posts (separate history for chan and idol), fix config dialog not being centered in Chrome (also use scrollbars if too large), 'hide headerlogo' doesn't scroll anymore (unnecessary on modern browsers), a lot more error checking and more precise logging (logging levels), more code modernizations
  • v0.99.19 2020-12-12
  • v0.99.19 2020-12-12 hopefully fix Choose/Set Parent modes not always appearing, add @author field
  • v0.99.18 2020-12-10 try to solve fundamental issue where sitescript has not yet loaded, replace unsafeWindow.Cookie, fix post click event when not logged in, run on /post/index as well
  • v0.99.17 2020-12-09 added DText style buttons to wiki edit pages (they can add, remove or 'extend' styles on selected text), a few optimizations, loading original images shouldn't change the view anymore
  • v0.99.16 2020-12-08 added (maybe too) big default common tags list based on the wiki, changed default tag menu layout to vertically compact, common tags list allows for line breaks (and is resizable), many code style changes (use single-quotes, template strings, arrow functions)
  • v0.99.14 2020-12-05 'modernize' the script a bit, fix post mode resetting for good, darkmode fixes and adjustments (post modes!), always log addon notices to console, remove pool sitefix, postmode hotkeys now work when the dropdown has focus
  • v0.99.13 2020-12-05 added option to delete useless_tags tag when saving (but only if tags were changed)
  • v0.99.12 2020-12-04 slighty better compatibility, should now fully work in Violentmonkey as well
  • v0.99.11 2020-12-03 rudimentary support for Greasemonkey (Choose/Set Parent Modes and Flag Duplicate disabled)
  • v0.99.10 2020-12-03 Use GM_openInTab instead of if possible (Tampermonkey only)
  • v0.99.09 2020-11-23 fix gap before 'common tags' due to a margin (also fix my IDE screwing up my code style)
  • v0.99.09 2020-11-23 fix large gap before 'current tags' in tag menu
  • v0.99.09 2020-11-23 added a new vertically compact tag menu layout (check addon config)
  • v0.99.08 2020-11-23 improve tag menu tag/group/table alignment, generify config dialog creation
  • v0.99.07 2020-11-23 Use Flexbox in tag menu (slightly better 'tagwrapping')
  • v0.99.06 2020-11-22 support other language urls (containing /jp/ etc)
  • v0.99.05 2020-11-22 slighty adjusted margins in tag menu
  • v0.99.04 2020-11-22 fixed + - tag buttons scrolling to search bar, fix potential issue where post mode wasn't correctly updated on pageload
  • v0.99.03 2020-11-22 allow empty table entries

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