Adds a few quality of life improvements on Sankaku Channel: Automatic image scaling, scrolling to image, thumbnail icons for loud/animated posts, muting/pausing videos, + - tag search buttons, a tag menu which allows for tagging by clicking, 'Choose/Set Parent' modes, easier duplicate tagging/flagging. Fully configurable through the Addon config.

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  • v1.0.11 2024-04-20

    - fix thumbnail icons/fading yet again
    - fix custom style
    - fix post mode click override
    - fix 'hide headerlogo'

  • v1.0.10 2024-03-16

    fix mail notice only on index/visually similar page

  • v1.0.9 2024-03-13

    fix mail notice

  • v1.0.8 2024-03-12

    maybe upload the actual thumbnail fix

  • v1.0.7 2024-03-12

    fix thumbnail icons/fading yet again

  • v1.0.6 2024-01-22

    fix thumbnail icons

  • v1.0.5 2024-01-15

    fix old post tag counts

  • v1.0.4 2023-12-18
    • add back old wiki links and wiki template (it's not dead!)
    • useful beta link for /wiki/new
  • v1.0.3 2023-12-17
    • fix page detection once again
    • fix "useful beta link" feature (red "Beta" link links to the corresponding Beta page)
    • remove a bunch of unused code now that wiki editing is dead
    • wiki pages: tag edit gear ⚙ now links to the tag history, which still has a working tag edit link
    • old chan links: fix some beta links not being turned into chan links
  • v1.0.2 2023-11-11

    allow closing the config dialog by clicking anywhere outside

  • v1.0.1 2023-11-05

    fix issue resolving relative links on the wrong url (fix old wiki/pool/tag links)

  • v1.0.0 2023-10-31
    • enable custom style by default
      • custom style: fix scrollbars appearing on post pages
      • custom style: make parent/child thumbnails vertically compact
      • fix config button position and text box layout
      • fix duplicate flag actions
      • temporarily(?) remove Edit Tags mode
      • restore original tag category collapser style and add a third variant using the site's categories
  • v0.99.99 2023-10-29

    fix error when updating CSS variables on Tampermonkey

  • v0.99.98 2023-10-25
  • v0.99.98 2023-10-25

    fix custom style "More popular posts" link position

  • v0.99.97 2023-10-22

    integrate 'Sankaku...Something' userstyle, adding options for a custom grid thumbnail style, adjustable thumbnail size and enlarged navbar

  • v0.99.96 2023-10-22

    fix moderation search template

  • v0.99.95 2023-10-22
    • more page detection fixes and fixed links
    • add option for old style post tag counts (enabled by default)
  • v0.99.94 2023-10-20
    • fix post index and post page detection
    • fix tag edit button sizes
  • v0.99.93 2023-06-18
    • restore wiki / tag edit links on page index for "old wiki" feature
    • fix tag history link on tag edit page
    • fix language code check (jp changed to ja)
  • v0.99.92 2023-06-17
    • fix broken + - tag search buttons
    • change missed book link on post page for "old pools" feature
  • v0.99.91 2023-06-12

    css adjustments for config button

  • v0.99.90 2023-06-11

    add options to use old wiki/tag index/pools wherever possible

  • v0.99.89 2023-06-10

    fix failing fallback for getting post id e.g. when being rate limited (which could corrupt the view history)

  • v0.99.88 2023-02-10

    fix broken "Edit Tags" mode and post editing on deletion page

  • v0.99.87 2023-01-20
    • add experimental option to collect tag color data for use in tag menu
    • adjust config button position
  • v0.99.86 2023-01-17
    • add experimental option to redirect to
  • v0.99.85 2023-01-17
    • fix ratings icons for dynamically loaded thumbnails
    • remove now redundant file type feature
  • v0.99.84 2023-01-17
    • fix broken post page features
    • fix broken ratings icons
  • v0.99.83 2022-08-14

    fix tag count search links on user profiles and make them ignore posts newer than roughly 2 days (except for your own profile)
    Thanks goes to Evaera

  • v0.99.82 2022-08-14
    • animated/sound icons are disabled by default. when enabled, they replace the site ones.
    • removed compatibility for Galinoa's old userstyle
    • added generaltagcount:<12 and artisttagcount:0 search links to user profiles
    • hotkeys have been rewritten to remove conflicts with the new site hotkeys and to allow binding multiple actions to the same key (e.g. having g and shift+g was previously not possible).
      to accomodate for this, hotkeys will be reset when installing this version
  • v0.99.81 2022-06-07


    • add a confirmation prompt before resetting the settings or post view history
    • change "delete useless_tags when using save button" to not require tag changes and instead always remove it
    • fix tag copy button on deletion page sometimes missing underscores
  • v0.99.80 2022-04-26
    • Beta link works for user profiles
    • make post approver's name link to their profile and add a link to their approved posts
    • add links to flagger's flagged posts
    • make the post tag history link filter by the post id it's opened from
  • v0.99.79 2022-04-25

    rework finding the actions list yet again

  • v0.99.78 2022-04-25

    adjust added user page post links to: flagged, unapproved, tagme, flagger, approver

  • v0.99.77 2022-04-24
    • add "Delete Post" mode
      • Beta link goes from pool to book page
      • fix Hentai Foundry source links so they point to the post instead of the image
      • add direct links to flagged and approved posts to user page
      • moderation page search template removes conflicting search options
      • rework tag menu CSS a bunch, hopefully didn't break anything
      • add highly experimental "Copy/Paste Notes" actions to help transferring translation notes from one post to another
  • v0.99.76 2022-03-21
  • v0.99.76 2022-03-21
  • v0.99.76 2022-03-21
    • add "Find Similar" mode
      • allow configuring hotkeys for post index (includes all post modes and 10 tag script templates)
      • "Edit Tags" mode uses same colors as "Edit Post" mode
      • deletion page: exact integer multiples resolution check now goes both ways
      • support
      • fix possibly the last userscript manager incompatibility (post parent Clear button)
  • v0.99.75 2022-03-20
    • workaround fetch() not working with relative URLs on Greasemonkey
      • deletion page: check for md5_mismatch tags too
  • v0.99.74 2022-03-18
  • v0.99.74 2022-03-18

    use localstorage as a replacement for Greasemonkey's missing addValueChangeListener

  • v0.99.73 2022-03-18

    just kidding, now it should be compatible with Greasemonkey...?

  • v0.99.72 2022-03-18
    • the script should now be fully compatible with Greasemonkey again, should
      • rework thumbnail click listener
      • simplify adding mode options
      • improve actions list detection
      • "Edit Tags" mode can be used without tag script permission
      • "delete useless_tags tag" option now works for Edit Tags dialog too
  • v0.99.71 2022-03-17
    • sitefix for a small gap in the darkmode navbar that partially breaks hovering (tab "closes" when mouse touches the gap)
      • thumbnails will now be processed on any page (which covers e.g. the rankings too)
      • viewed posts will not fadeout on the deletion page
      • thumbnail icons will fadeout again
      • fix thumbnail click listener (for the mode stuff) not being applied if thumbnail icons or view history aren't enabled
      • give approve mode a better darkmode color
      • duplicate flagging should now work in Greasemonkey too
      • blonde -> blonde_hair
      • start using more global instead of inline CSS
      • start structuring code around pages
  • v0.99.70 2022-03-15
  • v0.99.70 2022-03-15

    fix thumbnail detection

  • v0.99.69 2022-03-14

    fix tag handling (tag menu and duplicate flagging)

  • v0.99.68 2022-03-09
    • add revision and hasrevisedversion tag buttons
      • deletion page: warn if one post is censored and the other uncensored
      • deletion page: remove text warnings
      • slightly improved tag search buttons, adding a tag will remove the inverse tag from the search
      • a bunch of technical refactoring (e.g. relating to thumbnail modification and tag handling)
  • v0.99.67 2022-03-08
    • use some cyan in the speaker icon to set it apart a little more from the animated icon
      • add "Show both" post border style, which can show "has parent/children" and "unapproved" border at the same time

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