nHentai Helper

Download nHentai doujin as compression file easily, and add some useful features. Also support NyaHentai.

As of 2020-06-10. See the latest version.

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Applies to

nHentai Helper

Also support NyaHentai.

Support Tampermonkey and Violentmonkey.

Not and will not support Greasemonkey.

Main features

  1. You can download doujin as ZIP (CBZ). You must keep the page in the foreground when downloading.
  2. Add pjax support on dojin list page. Turning pages will not interrupt downloads.
  3. Download queue support on dojin list page. It will warn you when you download a doujin which was already downloaded, even they were uploaded by different people but are the same doujin. Up to 1000 history records.


  1. Download Thread
    If you think the download speed is too slow, you can try to increase the number of download threads from this setting.
  2. Open On New Tab
    Gallery page will be open on a new window by default, turn off it if you don't like it.
  3. Custom Download URL
    WARNING: Please don't set this if you don't know what it does.
    Tip: You may need to add your domain into XHR security for this script.
    Provide a URL containing the following placeholder:
    • {{mid}} - Media ID
    • {{index}} - Page index, starting from 1
    • {{ext}} - Image file extension
  4. Compression Filename
    Default is {{japanese}}.zip. You can custom the naming of downloaded compression file, including the file extension, such as {{english}}.cbz.
    Available placeholders:
    • {{english}} - English name of doujin
    • {{japanese}} - Japanese name of doujin
    • {{pretty}} - English simple title of doujin
    • {{id}} - Gallery ID
    • {{pages}} - Number of pages
  5. Compression Level
    Accept a numer in 0-9, default is 0.
    0 means "no compression", 1 means "best speed", 9 means "best compression".
    Actually, for doujin, compression output size of 0 and 9 usually differ by less than 1%.

Other features

Language filter

You can select a language in the navigation bar to filter doujins.

100% view height

Effective when reading online.