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Shows all pages at once. Single/Multi page spread.Example sites: All FoOl(Slide/Reader), MangaFox, MangaReader/MangaPanda, MangaStream, MangaInn, AnyManga, AnimeA, MangaHere, MangaShare, Batoto, MangaDevil, MangaCow, MangaChapter, 7manga,, Madokami , SpinyBack, MyManga , KawaiiScans, EGScans, All SenManga,LoneManga ,ReadManga,MangaTraders,MangaCat,KissManga, MangaJoy,MangaBee/, KukuDM, Japscan, Pecintakomik, Sh-Arab, some Portuguese sites. Dl addon for 18+ sites.

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Introducing Manga OnlineViewer Fluid Mode+ by Tago & Doonge (& a bit by me)

Ever been annoyed when reading manga because the scans are only half the image? Or ever wanted to read online manga the way the mangaka originally intended? If yes then this script is for you!

Essentially a modified version of Tago's Manga OnlineViewer script with an additional feature by Doonge called Fluid Mode. This neat little feature allows you to view your manga as double page (or more) spreads with the options to load them in Asian or Western book configurations (to match publication style). There also some small tweaks I made which I feel improves the functionality, including a fix for better https everywhere support. Also includes a host of sites not in original.

All sites included in tago's Portuguese extension are currently being integrated. Maxmangas and UnionMangas fully intergrated. Some chapters on br.Mangahost are chrome only. Will remove if Tago asks me to.

Also a note on Batoto:
You probably noticed some changes on that site. This is due to bots employed by the for-profit sites hogging too much resources. As such, I have imposed a hard 3sec timer per page to prevent site from flagging users. Will increase if need be. Tweaked for faster automation. If you have a old computer that doesn't have a lot of RAM, use the start button if your browser lags. Also if you are using https everywhere, the site doesn't fully support https so disable it for Batoto. Do so by clicking the icon for the addon and click "".

Non English Sites(Non FoOlSlide):
-All sites in the Portuguese extension. Currently Maxmangas & UnionMangas fixed. br.Mangahost is chrome only for some chapters. Will remove if Tago asks me to.

- KukuDM(ZH)
- Japscan(FR)
- Pecintakomik(IDN)
- Sh-Arab (ARA)
- MangaPass(ENG/DE)
- ES.Mangahere(ES)
- WieManga (DE)
- DM5(ZH)
- DMZJ/Manhua.DMZJ(ZH)
- Manga.AE(ARA)

Also added a few English sites (Listed in "history"). All sites Powered By FoOlSlide will work. All SenManga sites are fully supported.

I have also added support for the older FoOlReader to this script.

Start Button:
If you'd like to disable the start button. Check the box in the settings. The Hotkey for the button is F9.

ZIP DL feature change:
In the original, the feature could only be used in auto. A new button for manual DL will appear now in settings panel when all pages have finished loading and AutoDL is disabled. It needs to generate the Zip file so let it run and wait. A second Download button will appear at the bottom of page same as with AutoDL.

Another new feature is the ability to choose file format of the images in zip. Originally they all defaulted to png. Now you can choose between original, png or jpg. Need to refresh if using AutoDL or if you have already clicked the ManualDL button. Webp in default mode will be converted to jpeg.

*18+ sites requires this extension:
(logged in only link)

Original script by Tago:
(logged in only link)
You can get more details of the non fluid mode stuff here. Note that because of my edits, there are some sites that are supported in my version that aren't listed there

Alternative support forum for Fluid Mode : Please give feedback and suggestions to help improve the script.

Comparison screenshots also available from the forum link above. Also from here:

Version numbers correspond to those used by Tago. A letter will be added if there are multiple version based on the same script version. I will only change the number if I need to change this script's content to match changes made by Tago. If the number isn't changed here then it means the changes only affect the extension for loading lewds.

For changelog check "history" up top or go to the Batoto forum link.

ver.11.17a+ changes - zoom levels tweaked to adjust by 5% when using buttons. Originally it was 10% for the big button and 1/3 when adjusting individual images (Tago's ver.) .

ver. 11.17f+ *Due to changes with the site policies, I have modified the script and you will now need to also install this extension script for this to work with your lewds:

Image loading configuration accessed via buttons next to the settings cog wheel:
1. Right to left (Asian)
2. Single column (standard)
3. Left to right (Western)

*To use these additional features properly you must reduce the zoom until both images can fit the width of your screen at the same time.

*If image pairing should be 1,2-3,4-5,... and not 1-2,3-4,5-6,... change the individual zoom of image 1 to displace image 2 (buttons located next to image number,easiest way is to use fit width)

Also note that you should wait for the chapter to finish loading if you want to read it as a spread. The script will reset your zoom to the default you set if it hasn't every time it checks the pages. I don't why it needs to do this and I may investigate in the future if I can be bothered. I'm sure Tago has a good reason for doing so.

All extensions written for the original script will work with this one, though you may need to change the script dependencies.

+ and = : Global Zoom in pages (enlarge)
- : Global Zoom out pages (reduce)
* and 8 : Global Restore pages to original(toggles Fit width if oversized)
5 : Global Fit window width
Arrow Right and "." : Next Chapter (When avaliable)
Arrow Left and "," : Previous Chapter(When avaliable)

Same rules as Tago's if you want to incorporate this script into your own but be sure to link back here as well and give credit to Doonge (and me if you're using any code from the tweaks I made).

*Note while I can and do do the tweaking, I may need to find Doonge if something becomes majorly broken with the core features. Please have patience if that be the case. Or hope I can into JS by then :p.