Adds a few quality of life improvements on Sankaku Channel: Automatic image scaling, muting videos, speaker icons on loud videos, + - tag search buttons, a tag menu which allows for tagging by clicking, 'Choose/Set Parent' modes, duplicate tagging/flagging. Fully configurable using localStorage.

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Addon Config button does not appear

~~Based on my experience with other userscripts, the Addon Config button should appear right below the addon, right? It'd be grateful if you could look into the matter. I'm using TamperMonkey ver 4.9 to run the script. Thank you very much! ~~

never mind, I found the button. Sorry about the hassle.

I added a few pictures to the main page, so the basic features aren't quite as confusing to find.
I should have done that waaaay earlier but I was just too lazy.

Just for completeness, here's where the config button is

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