Adds a few quality of life improvements on Sankaku Channel: Automatic image scaling, scrolling to image, thumbnail icons for loud/animated posts, muting/pausing videos, + - tag search buttons, a tag menu which allows for tagging by clicking, 'Choose/Set Parent' modes, easier duplicate tagging/flagging. Fully configurable through the Addon config.

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Posted: 2021-01-04
Will this bypass the Plus requirement on some images?
Posted: 2021-01-05
From everything I know, there currently do not exist any images that are Plus only, Plus is planned to give access to, I quote,
Licensed content from top publishers
Licensed content from independent creators
and afaik that hasn't happened yet.

I think the misconception stems from the fact that SC started to show those orange bordered eye thumbnail placeholders (which link to for posts which were previously completely hidden either due to DMCA claims (posts that have the blocked_artist tag) or due to not being logged in (posts with extreme_content or contentious_content).
Before, a single page could show less than 20 thumbnails (like on Danbooru), now it's always 20 but with those placeholders.

The only blocked content for logged in users right now are blocked_artist posts, which can only be seen by mods.
Plus membership does not change this - well, except if the posts end up licensed in the future.

It's a bit misleading right now but I think Plus content will show the same eye thumbnails.
Here's a clarification on all that from Artefact himself:

In any case, if you are asking for me to pirate content, the answer will always be no.

Sites with contentious content are always on the brink of existence, for one because it's hard to find a place to host it, for two, because advertisers generally don't want anything to do with it, so financing it is hard.

I do not want SC gone, so I won't do anything that may hinder it.

Also, morals aside, when done right, bypassing is impossible.

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