EH Plus

Gallery index/search: Improves appearance/layout, parses and cleans up titles. Can hide/fade galleries by tag (requires flagging perk). Can resort gallery thumbs which is useful when hiding. Gallery view: Can adjust thumb sizes to make neat rows (requires large thumb perk). General: Option for grey color scheme by rewriting css (might have a few issues). Settings panel pops out on the left on mouseover on pages where it works.

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Posted: 2016-07-28

broken today, https

since exhentai is https, script doesn't work anymore, could you please fix it?

Posted: 2016-09-05
Edited: 2016-09-05

For a quick and dirty fix you can edit the script and do a replace all "http" with "https" then change the greasyfork url from httpss back to https ;P

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