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When I use the "swallow" function in any page, it leaves the page blanks except for a spinning logo and some text saying "Size:". Help would be appreaciated
Posted: 2021-04-05
I could not recreate this in Pale Moon + GreaseMonkey or Chromium + TamperMonkey. But the fact it stops at "Size:" indicates where it went wrong. I've made some changes for Chromium + TamperMonkey and hopefully that fixes this for you.

If the new version (2.16.5) has the same problem - what browser, OS, and userscript extension are you using?
Posted: 2021-04-19
I finally recreated this error. It is now fixed in 2.19.29.

Apparently Rule34.xxx will not allow Element.prototype - but only in Chromium. It worked fine in Pale Moon. (That site also appears black in Pale Moon. I thought your screenshot was from Paheal.) Fortunately this problem does not affect HTMLElement.prototype.

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